Over the past month I’ve been taking my camera out with me a lot more often than I usually do. I’ve also been taking a lot of walks around the local park. It’s a really pretty park and although the evenings are dark, it’s really well lit by a series of bright street lamps along the main path. I’m not much different to the others that I pass there, exercising their dogs and exercising themselves. I’m attempting to keep my critical eye in shape.

On the one hand I’ve amassed a huge number of pictures that I’m pleased with in a very short space of time. But, on the other, I’ve amassed a huge number of pictures in a very short space of time. I’ve got quite a backlog already, the editing of which is not being aided by a rapidly ailing computer which turns even the simplest task into a gargantuan, spluttering mission. I am finally in a position to get around to replacing it which is great as it means I can go back to a place where I’m simply getting annoyed at the process of editing itself, rather than the fact I’m having to go into the battle with a computer throwing a constant strop.

So these are some of the highlights. There are more to see over in my usual dumping ground of Flickr


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