And now for something completely different…

I was asked by a member of The Real People to take some photographs at a gig of theirs last Friday in London. I’d never shot a gig before so it was a huge joy to find that I got a real buzz from it.

I like to force myself into trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to creative endeavours. You might find things in yourself and your skills that surprise you.

The gig was really high energy and I think this comes across in the photographs. I have resisted a temptation to convert all of them into black and white. I feel that all the bright lights and colours of the gig add an immediacy to the images that monochrome can sometimes displace.

I have a lot of images still to work through… but here are some of my favourites so far. I’ll be adding them to an album on flickr bit by bit as I go through them all.


I took along a friend of mine who loves to take photos at gigs and I got a lot of courage from seeing him unafraid to move about and get into positions for good shots. I was worried I might find it a bit of a struggle with the low light and movement involved but in reality after I’d set the ISO and lowered the exposure bias, I was away.

I decided to take two lenses with me. A 35mm and a 50mm. Both have wide apertures and I thought they would be ideal zippy little lenses for the task. At the last minute I decided I would pack my trusty 77mm as well. I just had a feeling I might want something a little longer and the lens is pretty sharp wide open. I’m so pleased I had it with me. I used it for most of my shots.

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