Pinhole day…


Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

I took some pictures. I developed some pictures. I wasn’t really in the mood today, but I had got up at 9.30am in preparation, and had been thinking about a fresh assault on pinhole for quite some time, so I just got up and got on with it. Although at first it just wasn’t really happening in any remarkable way, just like my mood, overall I am fairly happy with my efforts today.

I uploaded the flute picture to the pinhole day gallery. A picture I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I want to eventually do a series of these. The main problem being that the flute isn’t terribly heavy and can get knocked/moved easily, as can the camera, and the cloud effect means moving everything else around it almost constantly. I’m sure I can perfect it eventually. Really I wanted it stock still for the duration of the exposure.

I took two shots of the flute and this was the best I have. In the meantime it serves as the second in most likely a series of pics of musical instruments I play less often than I photograph, that teach and inspire me for the next pinhole images. The first being the ukulele.

[The 6×7 weighs a ton so had no such issue there…]

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