Sun, sea, and sloe gin.

Last weekend I took a city break. A break from the city.

I drank some of this amazing homemade sloe gin.

Sloe Gin

Not taken with my new camera. Pink drink shot by my Pinktax [a pink Pentax].

And I took lots of pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I now need to acquaint myself with a very, very nice new digital camera (with a very, very nice new lens). I’m already pretty impressed and excited about it.

I’ll be uploading pictures from my weekend in Dorset to Flickr bit by bit whenever I have the time to go through them and edit some more. It’s very unlike me to take quite so many photos even when I’m prepared for an outing or two. Having more pixels to play with clearly makes Pixietoria pretty happy. Doesn’t hurt that the scenery was stunning, and the weather was perfect.

Here are the highlights so far. One of these went into the Explore section on Flickr for yesterday – which I believe is quite an endorsement, so that’s nice. Enjoy.

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