This week I went to Bath for a few days for a course. It is a very beautiful, very friendly town and I was lucky enough to find gloriously warm and sunny weather awaiting me too.

I spent most of my free time prowling about with a new digital camera. I was recently given a Pentax K-S1 as a present to serve as a back up to my usual workhorse (the absolutely superb Pentax K3), so I wanted to give it a good test run. The K3 knocks it out of the park of course, and it’s really not worth comparing them in any kind of detail, but combined with excellent lenses, I’m actually pretty surprised and impressed with what the K-S1 can produce considering it’s an entry level DSLR camera.

Me and the K-S1

Me and my new K-S1

It was a good way of seeing how the lenses used (and of course the photographer behind them!) really do have a larger influence on the final image than the camera used does alone. As a back up, I think it’s perfectly capable of producing good quality pictures. It is also so very light in comparison to any camera I’ve ever used. Weight was important for me to scrimp on because in contrast I also took my 6×7 film camera with me which weighs the same as a small cottage.

As usual you can find a growing album of images over on Flickr too. The 6×7 film shots will get their own post at a later date…